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Is a space of encounter of the free-creation committed with the culture of the non-violence.

Since the repudiation of any form of violence (physical, economic, racial, sexual, religious, psychological and moral), we share this common space, for the exchange of experiences of nonviolence in the world, supporting each other.


ANIFF pretends to be a small friendly backwater from which to unveil the sense of nonviolence in our actions, helping to build bridges between human beings.
We open the screens in the halls and, at the same time, we find the screen of our "space of representation" with our "inner look"

A proposal to make visible the world without wars and without violence that we are finding in us and that we make possible in the world.

From World without wars and without violence, we aspire to this new nonviolent sensitivity to install and to move the social structures, directing us towards the future Universal Human Nation.



It arises from the coordination of some MSGySV base equipment that have been added to collaborate with other humanist organizations, institutions, associations and people who agree on the need for nonviolent action.


The contest will be held during the week of October 2 every two years, coinciding with the International Day of Nonviolence, declared by the United Nations, commemorating the birth of Gandhi. But every year, during that week, the meeting space is open and all kinds of activities are organized.
In each edition you can add new participants and create new venues.



That is, it is openly designed to be celebrated simultaneously in all cities and countries that want to participate. The final list of organizing venues each year will be closed a few months before its celebration, in order to establish coordination among all of them.

It has this common web for all venues, where all the information of the festival is gathered in its different venues, through which you can make the registration of the works to contest.



It is aimed at professionals as well as amateurs, individuals and groups or associations, without any age limit for its participants. The interest is to recognize in us the possibilities we open from nonviolence. From any perspective and from any area of daily life, whether in school, in the workplace, family, etc., we can show the strength of non-violence by transforming the world.



ANIFF is driven by the volunteer work of its organizers. The material needs for its celebration are solved, in each place, with contributions distributed among its collaborators, with the donation of materials and with the cession of spaces for the celebration of the festival..



There are two sections,

  • General Section

  • Special Section for Educational Centers


Depending on the duration of the works we distinguish the following categories:



Feature Films

From 60 min

Half-length films

From 31 to 59 min

Short films

Up to 30 min

Bases de participación Sección Genral







Short films

Up to 30 min

Bases de participación Centros Educativos

In both sections the works can be of fiction, documentary, animation, musical


The culture of supremacy of the power of money, rooted in individualism and maintained through violence, has been cultivated, diffused and "normalized" throughout the world by different means throughout history. Thus today we find the example of cinema called euphemistically as "action cinema" that "normalizes" the use of violence, from a supposed utility of this to "end the problems." But experience shows the opposite: In a violent atmosphere it is easier to reproduce violence.

At the same time, examples of a new nonviolent sensitivity are emerging all over the world, throwing numerous attempts in another direction, not only denouncing and questioning the old paradigms that no longer serve, but, as a reflection of the internal change that is experienced, new alternatives are presented That modify the relations between all and do it, by personal and social coherence, with the transforming force of nonviolence.

Let us help share those examples of the new nonviolent culture, which do not serve individual interests but the wonderful discovery of the collective consciousness of the us, which can involve any human being who cares for all, starting with those who are closest.

From the humanist look of
World without wars and without violence, with this festival we also want to help create nonviolent conscience, warning that there will be no progress if it is not for everyone and for everyone.




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