Active Nonviolence International Film Festival. Conditions of participation


ANIFF is an initiative to celebrate around 2 of October every two years, thus commemorating the International day of non-violence declared by the United Nations. It is organized and promoted from the volunteer work of the basic equipments of World Without Wars and Without Violence (WWW&WV) in different cities around the world, in collaboration with other Humanist organizations, associations or entities and people who express their intention to participate by sharing the transformative sensitivity of active non-violence.

After its three first editions held in October 2013, 2014 and 2016 in different cities in Brazil, Canada, Guatemala, Mauritania, Mexico and Spain, once again participate in the preparation of the fourth edition of the 2018 FICNOVA activists of different cities around the world.

The definitive list of venues can vary, well because new additions occur or in some city minimum conditions for the meeting, taking into account the difficulties of the volunteer work in each country, the self-financing and the fulfillment of the permanent independence from any Government agreement that could influence the objectives of the festival are not in time achieved.

Depending on logistics achieved in each place, three months before its start, we will post offices that meet minimum conditions for your celebration.

In any case the celebration in a town first proposed may be prejudice to the set, nor the authors of the works presented, since the festival is not commercial, nor paid. Each is independent, and all the efforts made at a point that could not be completed can serve for future editions of the festival.

We also want to inform the authors that the presentation of plays in competition do not perform exclusively, allowing them the free disposal of the same and the simultaneous presentation to any other contest deemed.

In this global context, we share the following bases of the participation of the fourth edition of ANIFF 2018.






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