Descarga pdf con las Bases Generales



1.1.     Any person or group of people in the educational community(students, teachers, parents, staff of the centers) can participate. The works will be presented with the reference and responsibility of an adult.

1.2.     Duration and format of the works.-

·      Short films with a maximum duration of 30 minutes in any format

1.3.     Entries can be made from April 20, 2017 until March 31, 2018, completing the form hosted on the festival website.

1.4.     The theme is free, around the experience of nonviolence (physical, economic, racial, sexual, religious, psychological or moral).

1.5.     The works must be original.The organization of the competition presupposes that the people who present the videos have the rights to such works in their entirety, disregarding all responsibility in case it is not true.

1.6.     Languages. Entries are accepted in any original language, making copies with subtitles available in at least one of the two official languages (Spanish or English).

1.7.     Images of children. It will be necessary the declaration of the responsible of age of having the authorization of the parents or guardians of the minors that appear in the filming. The lack of this requirement is grounds for exclusion from the contest.

1.8.     The organization of the Festival will select to enter to contest all the productions whose thematic one is adjusted to the criterion to show a nonviolence example. This first selection will be made before July 15, 2018, and will be published on the web as of that date.

1.9.     Of all the works presented, a maximum of three finalists will be selected in this category, making public their data on the competition website from September 2, 2018.

1.10.   Participants grant festival promoters the rights to display non-exclusive productions during the week of the festival, and in subsequent acts aimed at showing them as examples of the strength of active non-violence, with no need for notice or compensation By the granting of such right. In no case will the festival organizers exploit their projection commercially.

1.11.   The Festival will present the works in thematic blocks around the different forms of non-violence, specified by the producers in the registration form.

1.12.   The local organization of each city will promote the public pass of the winning works of the contest according to their logistical possibilities implemented.

1.13.   The works that do not fulfill these criteria or do not attend to the subject of the contest will not be admitted.




2.1.      Entries can be made from April 20, 2017 until March 31, 2018, by completing the form hosted on the festival website or the registration form correctly filled in and signed (for postal mailings).

2.2.      The person who submits the short to competition will be the one who holds the rights to the work. Sign the scanned registration form or register the form with your data, which will be a sworn declaration of acceptance of these bases.

2.3.      The festival will have a Selection Team in charge of admitting the shorts to contest in this section.

2.4.      The organization of the Festival will select the works to enter the contest before July 15, 2018, and will be published on the web as of that date.

2.5.      Once registered and selected, the work can not be removed from the Festival's programming.



During the indicated registration time, they can be sent in two ways: telematically or by postal mail.



3.1.1.      ThroughWetransfer 

Productions that can be grouped in a single file with a size of less than 2 GB can be presented in this way, the following content:

a)       Scanned image of the signed entry form

b)       Contest work (file or download link)

c)        Technical file and synopsis of the film

d)       Promotional trailer (file or download link)

e)       Audio, video or text, of the director or producer explaining the motivation of the film

f)        2 photographs of the film, or poster of the film (if available).

g)       Declaration signed by the person in charge of the work, that all children who appear in this work have the consent of their parents or guardians to appear in the work to the competition.


The file will be sent via Wetransfer, http://www.wetransfer.comto the email address:Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.


3.1.2.      Through the platforms:


a) Click for festivals.  (low cost)

b) Festhome. (low cost)

c) I am a Film. (low cost)


d)  Film-salad. (Free)



3.2.   POSTAL SHIPPING: Works and attached material with a size larger than 2GB

To present a short film to the Teaching Centers Section in this way it is necessary to send in a single. envelope:

A)     Online registration form printed, filled in and signed by who owns the rights of the work.

B)     1 DVD with the presented work, identified with the title of the work, format of realization, and duration.

C)     CD-ROM with the following information:

-      Synopsis (up to 250 characters) in Spanish, French or English

-      Complete technical sheet of the short.

-      Trailer of the film.

-      Audio, video or text file of the director or producer explaining the motivation of the film.

-       Declaration signed by the person responsible for recording the work, that all children who appear on the film have the consent expressly signed by their parents or guardians to appear in the work to the competition.

-       2 Photographs of the movie and movie poster, if possible.


NEW Shipping address of the material:

C/ Apóstol Santiago 62, bajo B
28017 Madrid—España

The shipping costs are the responsibility of the shipper.

Important: Declare content of the package as: "cultural purposes, without commercial value"




The Festival Organization will appoint an Official Jury with the following conditions:


4.1     It will be made up of film and teaching professionals and MSGySV members from the cities organizing the festival.

4.2     A jury may not have any interest in the production or exploitation of a film in competition.

4.3     The members of the jury undertake not to publicly express their opinions regarding the films submitted for their consideration before the official proclamation of the awards.

4.4     The international jury will choose the award-winning short film among the three finalists, recognizing it with the Award of the Festival of Educational Centers.

4.5     The organization of the festival reserves the right to grant "Mentions of honor" with a special award to the most significantworks of nonviolence, if it deems it appropriate.




5.1.      The educational centers or groups of the educational community responsible for those short films that are selected or awarded can use, if they wish, the acknowledgments in all their publicity and press material, using the Festival logo.

5.2.      The Festival Organization will resolve any matter not covered by these Regulations, in accordance with current legislation.

5.3.      The participation in the IV International Festival of Cinema of the Non-violence activates 2018 implies on the part of the interested parties the acceptance of the present bases.


Descarga pdf con las Bases Generales
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