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From April 21 and until December 31, 2021, works can be presented in competition in the two official sections of the 6th Active Non-Violence International Film Festival - FICNOVA, which will be held in the week of October 2 of 2022.

Short films (up to 30 minutes), medium-length films (up to 59 minutes) and feature films (more than 60 minutes), both fiction and documentary, can participate in the General section.

In addition, in the Teaching Centers Section, short films created from the classrooms may also participate.

We want to rescue the best examples of nonviolence cinema, the one that shows how to resist different forms of violence (physical, economic, racial, sexual, religious, psychological and moral) in order to learn to overcome them consistently.

This edition will focus on "The sense of nonviolence".

Why mobilize and not remain impassive in the face of violence, discrimination and human suffering? What moves us? What could hold us back? Why can we represent a supportive and nonviolent future and why not?

Throughout this time, we propose the celebration of various activities that help us to notice the meaning of nonviolent action, both personal and social.

Nonviolence pushes us to achieve the great desire that “nothing is above the human being and that no human being is above another”.

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